[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] introduction and quick database question

Repke de Vries repke at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 8 12:54:00 EST 2009

Acquisitions is one addition in 1.6, Serials and all holding  
information in *separate* records (following MFHD) another:

is there an update of  the 1.4 schema below  that covers the 1.6  
serials schema and everything related ?

Did a Google search and found bits and pieces but nothing systematic  
in one place - may have overlooked.

Thanks (thx for this 1.4 pointer),


Op 8-dec-2009, om 0:39 heeft Don McMorris het volgende geschreven:


> If you haven't yet seen it, this
> (http://open-ils.org/documentation/evergreen-schema- can
> be pretty helpful.  There are some additions in 1.6 (Ex: Acq), but I
> find it quite helpful quite often.
> Hope this helps!
> --Don


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