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Duimovich, George George.Duimovich at NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca
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>>Do we need to tweak this at all?  Should we be tracking these feature requests in Launchpad or the wiki? 

I'd like to eventually see some kind of more structured, centralized approach that lets you search, sort and filter by enhancement request category, contributor agency, version, and a few other attributes like Status (in development vs. not in development, etc.). There's also a social dimension to this that could be exploited, helping us to find other libraries with similar interests (e.g. who else is interested in map library type enhancements, etc.), and ways for us to indicate "hotness" or mutual interest in the feature.

The wiki format is not so great for all that searching, sorting, filtering etc.

We're managing things locally via Trac (and may be moving to RedMine) and I suspect others are using similar approaches (Conifer has a Trac instance, etc.).  The local systems are great for collecting, refining and setting priorities, etc. but right now I sometimes send to the list, sometimes to support and sometimes slip something into a bug report on launchpad.

George Duimovich
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On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Coleman, Marlene <mcoleman at bcgov.net> wrote:
> While we're making wishes for the new year....how much development 
> would be required to add "View holds" as an option on the menu for the 
> Item Status function.  Or is this a problem, as holds are generally 
> related to records not items?

Would you rather have more direct actions like Cancel Hold and Re-Target Hold if you know the item in hand has been captured for a hold already?  I don't think those would be too thorny to implement.
More than an hour of work, less than a week? (the dark arts of estimation of work :)  Even easier if we put them in the Item Details interface where we're already fetching hold data.

Jumping straight to the View Holds interface in a new tab is also possible, but feels kludgy, and so would having the correct barcode already be selected in the interface for subsequent actions.

Related topic:

On making wishes... For reference, the community's current feature request procedure is here:

Do we need to tweak this at all?  Should we be tracking these feature requests in Launchpad or the wiki?  I think it'd be useful to see whether a given request is being picked up by sponsored development from some Evergreen stakeholder (and when on the roadmap it is set to be delivered), or whether it is waiting in limbo for volunteer development, sponsored development, more discussion, etc.

When I throw out my own wishes (It'd be nice to have...), I'm hoping to give folks an itch, shake some resources loose, etc., but I'm not really playing the role of a feature advocate/champion, where I'll do all I can to make the feature happen.

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