[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Questions about your software

Joe Atzberger jatzberger at esilibrary.com
Wed Dec 23 13:52:54 EST 2009

Win/ISIS is an old platform that was widely deployed at the recommendation
of international development organizations (like UNESCO).  It has long since
halted 1st-party development.  The software supports ISO 2709, but not
MARC21.  I believe some later versions improve a bit, but migrating between
versions is apparently more difficult than migrating straight to a
contemporary ILS.

> can records from WIN ISIS be transferred to your software?

Yes, but Evergreen expects to receive MARC21 records.  Therefore, you will
probably want to:

   - export ISIS records as ISO 2709
   - download the freely available tool MarcEdit
   - use MarcEdit to convert ISO 2709 file to MARC21 (.mrc)
   - Evergreen > Cataloging > Marc Batch Import/Export > Import Records on
   the MARC21 file

Ideally, you should also use migration as an opportunity to cleanup,
standardize or otherwise enhance your metadata, most likely in the MarcEdit

The lack of an available translation may or may not be a bigger problem that
data migration, depending on your timeframe, users, willingness to
contribute translation, and project constraints.

--Joe Atzberger
Equinox Software, Inc.
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