[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Problems with setting up Arabic translation for Evergreen

Karen Schneider kgs at esilibrary.com
Thu Mar 5 10:36:42 EST 2009

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I've gotten evergreen to work quite well, and am trying to add an Arabic
translation to evergreen. I followed the tutorial on http://evergreen-
pretty much, except for that I didn't install easy_install polib the way it
told me to, but I downloaded the tarball and then ran easy_install
/path/to/tarball. After that I did the following from the build/i18n folder
Firstly, I ran make newpot. Then after that, I ran make LOCALE=ar-SD
newpo. I'm not sure whether that is a correct locale, but I use it to
specify sudanese arabic. I got several warnings (attached) from that, e.g
"lxml is not installed", and "python-Levenhstein not found".I use poedit
to edit several values of only on file (the opac one). Finally, I ran make
LOCALE=ar-SD install. It warns me "pot2po :warning:writing to
temporary output". Then it tells me "no  template at None. Skipping
<name of file>, and finally then finishes. The only problem is that the file
950.data.seed-values.sql is empty. Running "scripts/db-seed-i18n.py --sql
po/ar-SD/db.seed.po --locale ar-SD --output /dev/stdout " also gave me no
output, which doesn't surprise me as I didn't edit db.seed.po, but only
opac.dtd.po. putting this into the script yields the results I attached,
note that the identity_value is empty.
I would like to note that ar-SD probably isn't a valid i18n language value,
but that I used it to specify sudanese arabic.
If you could point me in the right directopn on what to do, I'd be very

I attached everything that could be important, I hope I didn't attach too
Thanks for the help in advance :)

Nathanael Schilling

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