[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Problems with running Czech in Evergreen

Václav Jansa v.jansa at stk.cz
Wed Mar 18 03:36:10 EDT 2009

Dear all, 

We have started to test Evergreen - with the implemented
localization into Czech - with our students at the Institute of Information
Studies and Librarianship at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. The
outputs from the seminar should include the debugged Czech localization and
also manuals in Czech.

However, when trying the Czech localization, we seem to have encountered the
following serious problems. The Czech language is in the system but, at the
same time, it is missing. As a result, it is not possible to switch to Czech

1st problem found and sorted out – there is a missing definition of Czech in
table no. 950

This has been resolved manually:

INSERT INTO config.i18n_locale (code,marc_code,name,description)
    VALUES ('cs-CZ', 'cze', oils_i18n_gettext('cs-CZ', 'Cestina', 
'i18n_l', 'name'),
        oils_i18n_gettext('cs-CZ', 'Cesky jazyk', 'i18n_l', 'description'));

2nd problem found:

When loading Czech into the database:

ERROR:  duplicate key violates unique constraint "i18n_identity"

3rd problem (or its symptom) found – we do not have a functional Czech OPAC
– after switching to Czech we see (instead of the OPAC):

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was 
unable to complete your request.

And, subsequently, in the log:

[Wed Mar 18 08:01:17 2009] [error] [client] XMLENT XML 
Parse Error: unexpected parser state - please send a bug report at line 
47: parsin
g /openils/var/web/opac/skin/default/xml/index.xml: data 
\n\t\tSome generic stu
-->\n<!ENTITY lang.version "remote v1">\n<!ENTITY lang.description 
4\x8dtina">\n<!ENTITY lang.author "PINES">\n<!ENTITY common.all 
"V\xc5\xa1e">\n<!ENTITY common.currency "%">\n<!ENTITY common.language 
ITY common.name "Jm\xc3\xa9no">\n<!ENTITY common.none "Nic">\n<!ENTITY 
common.title "N\xc3\xa1zev">\n<!ENTITY common.author "Autor">\n<!ENTITY 
uthors "Auto\xc5\x99i">\n<!ENTITY common.callnumber 
"Signatura">\n<!ENTITY common.edition "Vyd\xc3\xa1n\xc3\xad">\n<!ENTITY 
common.subject "T\xc3\xa9ma
">\n<!ENTITY common.series "Edice">\n<


[Wed Mar 18 08:01:17 2009] [error] [client] unable to 
include "/opac/locale/${locale}/opac.dtd" in parsed file 
/default/xml/index.xml, referer:
[Wed Mar 18 08:01:17 2009] [error] [client] XMLENT XML 
Parse Error: syntax error at line 1: parsing 
l/index.xml: data [an error occurred while processing this directive], 

4th problem - staff client in Czech is not functional – when switching to
Czech the staff client is in Czech, however, after loading xul the following
dialog appears:

fmall.js: Type Error: document.getElementById("offlineStrings") has no 

This dialog is followed by:

XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Line Number 30, Column 1:<window id="menu_frame_win"
^            <tab id="tab_1" 
label="&staff.chrome.menu_frame_overlay.tab1.label;" hidden="true" />
------------------------^<menu id="main.menu.file" 
accesskey="&staff.main.menu.file.accesskey;" >

Could you please help us how to make Czech work  :-) ? All of the other
languages - French, Armenian, Canadian English and English - work well...

Thank you in advance for any help provided!

Best regards, 

Vaclav Jansa a Linda Skolkova

Vaclav Jansa, 
IT Administrator
State Technical Library
Marianske n. 5
POB 206
110 01 Prague 1
Czech Republic
+420 221 663 487

The World is getting smaller and smaller, the Man is getting bigger and bigger, an idiot. - Jan Werich 2.X.1960

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