[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen Integration with UserFul Pre-Book

Rogan Hamby rhamby at florencelibrary.org
Mon Jan 4 07:34:21 EST 2010

I looked at the web site but saw several things that made me leery about
them.  With that said I would love for there to be a good open source
solution for this and would be curious as to your experiences.  Indeed, I
would love for my concerns here to be groundless.


I didn't see any libraries listed as using Pre-Book.  All their testimonials
are for their closed source products.  Their compiled downloads on their
webpage have been offline for updating for a month or more now.  The page
(whose copy right hasn't been updated to 2009 much less 2010) says that you
can download the binaries and source at sourceforge - including the full
live CD install server and window client.  I haven't downloaded it but at
500K I have serious doubts about this.  I don't care how streamlined your
server is, if you can fit all of its components (OS, etc...) and a Windows
client in 500K tar gzip file you've accomplished a not so minor miracle.  


They say that it supports SIP and LDAP but no only don't have documentation
for SIP integration but say that you must contract with them.  Documentation
is sparse.  I don't fault them for pushing the pricing and hiring them model
of things since they're a business but I don't have the impression there is
a community around this - you can say anything is open source so long as you
fulfill some licensing requirements - that doesn't mean you have the
community around it that a huge project like Apache or medium size one like
Evergreen has.   


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The library I work with is currently looking at PC Reservation options and
I'm curious if anyone has used Pre-Book.  I'm in the process of downloading
the install now but noticed that they require paid support for custom
integration with ils software.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.    


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