[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Another try importing holdings using MARC importer/exporter (Vandelay)

Repke de Vries repke at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 18 16:53:18 EST 2010

Hi Francene, hi Bill

Any fresh ideas ? Would the Vandelay bug repairs in the forthcoming cover this (I couldn't find out) ?

After first using our own data (bib record *with* 852 and the 852  
matching Vandelay expectation) I have tried to do the same as you did  
- exporting a record with Vandelay
- changing just enough that Evergreen sees it as a different one
- importing with Vandelay / MARC Batch Importer in the staff client -  
assuming that Vandelay *at least* reads back in what it just exported  
when you change enough to avoid" collision detection" with the one  
that is already in the database

Not so:  the 852 is not interpreted as holding information and goes  
straight into the database as part of the rest of the bib record and  
shows up along with it in MARC view.  This answers your question too  
Bill: bib imported OK but copy information (852) is not recognised as  

I have given up (even for quick evaluation purposes) and started  
working with an excellent command line script by David Christensen,  
published on this list October 24th 2008. See here: http:// 


Op 30-nov-2009, om 19:10 heeft Bill Erickson het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Francene,
> Your data looks correct.  Are the bib records importing OK or do  
> both bibs and copies fail?
> -b
> On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Francene Lewis <Flewis at calvin.edu>  
> wrote:
> Is there any written documentation for the MARC importer/exporter  
> tool (Vandelay)?  I've watched the webinar but it doesn't seem to  
> cover the questions I have on holdings. I've tried importing  
> holdings now using two different fields.  We exported a record and  
> copied the 852 field.
> For example:
> 852 4  |a gaaagpl |b GENERAL |c 5TH-FLOOR |j call number |g BOOK |p  
> 33108007755038 |x nonreference |x holdable |x circulating |x  
> visible |z Available
> 999   |a call number |c 1 |m GENERAL |l GENERAL |i 33108004425087 | 
> k Available |p 20.00 |t BOOK
> I also tried importing using a 999 field for holdings.  Both of  
> these fields are listed if you click the Import holdings button in  
> Vandelay.  Am I missing something in creating these fields?  Do you  
> need to create item attributes for the various fields and subfields  
> for the import to work?  Is there something in the underlying  
> coding that needs to be turned on to allow holdings to be imported  
> using Vandelay?
> Thanks for the help in advance,
> Francene Lewis
> Cataloging Librarian
> Hekman Library
> flewis at calvin.edu
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