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Mary Llewellyn mllewell at biblio.org
Wed Jan 20 16:51:53 EST 2010

We're not on Evergreen yet, but we're working our way toward it.

We get authority records from Backstage Library Works. I've been very 
pleased with their turnaround time when I send them our latest file 
of bibs. Our current work flow is to do a quarterly extract of the 
latest bibs and reload them to overlay when Backstage is finished 
with them. Our files are usually about 11,000 bib records, and 
several thousand authority records. I'm waiting to see how 
Authorities will work in Evergreen.

At 04:31 PM 1/20/2010, you wrote:
>Hi All - please feel free to point me to a link or past discussion 
>if folks have already talked about this and I'm just not finding the 
>I'm wondering what distribution services people are using to get 
>their authority records?  We migrated without asking for ours and 
>this is a decision I've come to regret (happy to explain that if 
>anyone is interested but won't go into it now).
>We use YBP for most of our cataloguing but they don't supply 
>authority records.  You can get 'em for free from LC, but only 1 at 
>a time - our collection is small but not that small :)
>I know about OCLC's Connexion service, I think this is overkill for 
>our needs, but seems to be their only solution.  I've also found 
>Backstage Library Works and Library Technologies Inc.  Do people 
>have other suggestions or recommendations?  Am I missing something 
>totally obvious??  What are you all doing about authority records??
>I'm happy to take emails off list on this one and send a summary back out.
>Cheers, Cynthia

Mary Llewellyn

Mary Llewellyn
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Bibliomation, Inc.
Middlebury, CT

mllewell at biblio.org  
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