[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] marc2bre.pl Modifications

Dan Wells dbw2 at calvin.edu
Wed Jan 27 14:51:03 EST 2010

Hello Alan,

We had VuFind going for a time on our old system, so I have a bit of knowledge about it, though it is outdated knowledge.  That said, I am pretty sure this is all configurable on the VuFind side of things.  Evergreen will put the TCN and ID data in MARC fields 901a and 901c respectively, so basically you need to find and edit your marc.properties file to reflect that (used to be in $VUFIND_HOME/import/marc.properties, not sure anymore):

id = 901c
ctrlnum = 901a

marc.properties comes straight from the SolrMarc project, so check that out if you need more information.



Daniel Wells, Library Programmer Analyst dbw2 at calvin.edu
Hekman Library at Calvin College

>>> On 1/27/2010 at  2:16 PM, <SIMON at hslc.org> wrote:
> Hello -
> We are investigating using VuFind as the OPAC front end to our Evergreen
> system.  VuFund requires a permanent unique 001 tag in each MARC record.
> Because the 001 tags in our records are not consistent, we would like to 
> move
> the contents of each record's 001 tag to some other tag (most likely the 
> 035)
> and insert the system-generated record ID number into the 001 tag during the
> marc2bre.pl processing phase.  Has anyone done this or can you suggest Perl
> code for accomplishing this?  Thank you very much for your help.
> Alan
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