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Wonderful humor notwithstanding, back to the question: 

> Thanks Mike for providing an interesting perspective on this.  I will agree that 'range' is certainly better than 'depth' and would be a worthwhile change, though I still prefer 'breadth', notwithstanding its technical usage (and I might also add that my knowledge of directed graphs isn't that great ;).

I have degrees in mathematics, but I never studied graph theory, so my knowledge of directed graphs is limited. But I did not consider the specialized uses of the words "depth" and "breadth." Dan was right; I was unclear as to whether setting permissions higher on the organization chart would give more rights or fewer rights. 

Just explaining inheritance in the OU would be helpful. Perhaps that is how it should be described: rights ascribed at a particular level are inherited in lower levels. 

Would that work? 


On Jan 28, 2010, at 10:07 AM, Jason Etheridge wrote:

>> As another option, how about 'scope'?  I recognize it also has developer baggage, of course.
> obHumor: http://notinventedhe.re/on/2010-1-28/
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