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We didn't activate it here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in the Oracle tables for those who have that option and definitely not via data exchange function. And if it wasn't in Oracle, it won't be easily accessible anyplace else. III uses MySQL for some parts of its data storage, but you're not supposed to have access to the "secret" MySQL tables. 
I'm told that some of this stuff like reading history, etc. is likely to be in the MySQL tables, and that some sys admins are known to look at the overnight dumps/rebuilds that takes place with the MySQL tables. So apparently you can check /iiidb/mysql/dumps and see if something corresponds to what you're looking for.  :)
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I was wondering if anyone who has migrated from an innovative system to evergreen has tried to move reading history?   I know evergreen does not currently have this feature but even if it were dumped in some customized field to preserve it might be helpful.  We have been told by many of our libraries that patrons would really miss this feature but would really want it to carry their list over from the old system.  Also, given Innovative's design, we are not sure we could get it out of the system but any suggestions would be appreciated.


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