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Shae Tetterton shae at esilibrary.com
Thu Mar 11 11:09:43 EST 2010

I know there's been a lot of discussion in the last couple weeks about
"canned" reports for Evergreen. I tried making a post last week in response
but I
think it didn't like the attachment so I've copied in my attachment below. I
have developed 39 report templates. These are currently being tested by
Bibliomation and we have plans to have a couple other sites test the
templates before making them official. Once we receive feedback and are sure
templates are working as designed, we will add them to ILS-contrib so anyone
can download the templates to their server. For Equinox customers, we will
gladly deliver the report templates. Below is a list of the reports being
tested right now. They were based on various national and state sites I
found that
showed requirements for reporting statistics to state, federal and local
government. I am certainly open to other ideas, as I know this is not a
comprehensive set of reports. Hopefully it is a good set that will get you


Standardized Reports Proposed by Equinox

Library Collections:

Count Titles by Library
Count Items by Library
Count Items Added by Date Range
Count Items Deleted by Date Range
Count Items Added by Date Range and Statistical Category
Count Items by Circulation Modifier and Shelving Location
Inventory List (List of Items by Shelving Location and Call Number Range)
List Items Added by Date Range
List Items by Copy Status
List Titles Deleted by Date Range
List Items with Total Usage Count (to be filtered by total usage and item
date creation ranges for collection development purposes)
List Titles by Physical Format (using fixed field type codes)
List Titles/Items by Circulation Modifier
List URLs for Electronic Resources

Note: To allow for maximum flexibility in reporting, the IN LIST and BETWEEN
operators were used in most cases. Reports can be duplicated if additional
filters or display options are needed. Data transforms may also be changed
during the cloning process to utilize different date formats.

Library Patrons:

Count Patrons by Library and Active Status
Count Patrons Added by Date Range
Count Patrons by Zip Code
Count Patrons by Patron Demographic (Stat Cats)
Count Patrons by Permission Group
Count Patrons Deleted and Inactive
List Patrons Inactive based on Last Activity
List of Patrons with Outstanding Fines (Library and Permission Group
List of Patrons with Open Circulations (Library and Permission Group
List of Patrons with Overdues (Library and Permission Group Filters)

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, patron reports will only include ACTIVE

Library Services:

Count Circulations by Day by Library
Count Circulations by Hour by Library
Count Circulations by Month by Library and Circulation Modifier
Count Circulations by Month by Library and Shelving Location
Count Circulations by Patron Permission Group and Date Range
Count Circulations by Non-Cataloged Type and Date Range
Count Circulations for In-House Use Items by Date Range
Count Circulations for Pre-Cataloged Items
Count Holds Filled by Library
Count Available Holds Unfilled by Pickup Library
Count Items Loaned by Sending Library and Date Range
Count Items Loaned by Receiving Library and Date Range
List Pre-Cataloged Titles by Library (will only include titles linked to
open circs)
List Available Holds by Available Date and Pickup Library (aka Clean Holds
List Outstanding Bill Totals by Library and Billing Type

Note: Take into account there are already functions for Holds Pull List,
Cash Reports, Browse Holds Shelf and Transit Lists.

Shae Tetterton
Project Manager
Equinox Software "The Evergreen Experts"
shae at esilibrary.com
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