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When it comes to list reports, in some cases, it can be nice to have two
versions of a particular report: a ready-made version and a clone-ready


The ready-made version would be designed to fit neatly within the margins of
the page and would require little thought in running. It would be targeted
to specific users in specific situations


The clone-ready version, on the other hand, would have plenty of display
information options, and would be designed on the premise that it is better,
and more fool-proof, to remove display options rather than add them.


Take care and thanks for the information,


George Tuttle

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Hey guys, 

I tried sending this message last week but it apparently did not go through.
This refers back to what Amy Terlaga just posted on her blog about some
canned reports Equinox has developed. 

March 3, 2010

Good morning everyone. 

I know there has been a lot of discussion via the list about "canned"
reports for Evergreen. I have been working on a reports project to develop
35-40 canned reports that will be delivered to Equinox customers. We plan to
deliver these to a few sites shortly for testing purposes and will then
proceed with delivering them to existing and new customers. I am attaching a
list of the proposed reports. These were based on various national and state
sites I found that listed requirements for reporting statistics to the state
or federal government. 

Once these reports are in place, you will be able to skip the template
writing step and create a report based off pre-selected filters. You can,
however, clone the report templates if you need to add or remove display
information or edit the filters or data transforms. 

If you have other suggestions or questions, please let me know. I know these
are not a comprehensive set of reports that each library may need but
hopefully they will help you get started.



Shae Tetterton
Project Manager
Equinox Software "The Evergreen Experts"
shae at esilibrary.com

Shae Tetterton
Project Manager
Equinox Software "The Evergreen Experts"
shae at esilibrary.com

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