[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Alert pop up messages on item records at checkout

Janet Royer janetr at ci.burlington.wa.us
Fri Aug 5 17:27:14 EDT 2011


We are wondering how other libraries deal with items that have multiple


For example, we have many children's books that include a CD.  How do
you alert the check-in people to make sure and look for that CD?  


In our previous system we were able to have "Check-in notes" which
popped up reminding the person to check for the CD.  Those notes all
migrated to the item Alert field in Evergreen which displays on
check-out as well as check-in.  This would be OK except that those items
are being blocked at the self-check machines.


Has anyone been able to make this work satisfactorily?




Janet Royer

SysAdmin/Circ Supervisor


Burlington Public Library

820 E Washington Ave

Burlington WA  98233


janetr at ci.burlington.wa.us <mailto:janetr at ci.burlington.wa.us> 


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