[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Alert pop up messages on item records at checkout

Ben Shum bshum at biblio.org
Fri Aug 5 18:38:05 EDT 2011

Hi Janet,

I believe our consortium is also using the alert field of the item record to store this information presently.

When we went live, our libraries using self-check machines also noted the problem you're describing for item checkout.  I reported the issue to the Evergreen community and there was a patch put together by MVLC to allow checkout overrides when using self-check machines.  Specifically it was a "missing" component for the SIP server code.

Which version of Evergreen is your library using?  The fix ought to be available in one of the more recent Evergreen 2.0.x versions.  I'll try to check my notes and see if I can find the exact patch fix...

-- Ben

On Aug 5, 2011, at 5:27 PM, Janet Royer wrote:

> We are wondering how other libraries deal with items that have multiple pieces. 
> For example, we have many children’s books that include a CD.  How do you alert the check-in people to make sure and look for that CD? 
> In our previous system we were able to have “Check-in notes” which popped up reminding the person to check for the CD.  Those notes all migrated to the item Alert field in Evergreen which displays on check-out as well as check-in.  This would be OK except that those items are being blocked at the self-check machines.
> Has anyone been able to make this work satisfactorily?
> Thanks!
> Janet Royer
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> Burlington Public Library
> 820 E Washington Ave
> Burlington WA  98233
> 360-755-0760
> janetr at ci.burlington.wa.us

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