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Rick Mason rick at libology.com
Thu Aug 18 00:01:45 EDT 2011

Hi Jesse,

This was sent to the list in July (the link to the .iso file is in the 
last section of the e-mail):

On 14 July 2011 14:57, Dan Scott<dan at coffeecode.net>  wrote:

>   Question - are the packages visible yet? Evergreen
> athttps://build.opensuse.org/package/show?package=evergreen&project=home%3Abjwebb%3Aevergreen  and OpenSRF at ?
The build service site is a little labyrinth-like, to see the actual
binary packages you have to navigate to repositories, choose one, and
then Go to download repository. For example Debian 6.0[1] and Fedora
15[2]. These are the only distributions that are currently supported -
what is breaking the others is mostly non-existent or out of date
dependencies. I've also been building the packages on an Ubuntu PPA[3]
but I've not tested the install on ubuntu yet.


>  From a pure OpenSRF and Evergreen perspective, I could see a strong
> argument for splitting out the Web bits as a separate package as well;
> for a multi-server install, you probably won't want to install the Web
> on each server.
Ah, yes, the web bits would be a good one to split off, as that
removes quite a few dependencies if they're not needed.

> Are you aiming at getting the packages accepted into the official
> distro repositories? It would be great to document this understanding
> for the future (particularly if there are clear TODOs to get to the
> point of having the packages accepted by the distros). Also, let us
> know if there are things that we can do that would reduce the work
> required to build packages.
Getting the packages officially accepted is the best outcome, but I
don't know how doable it is. I will defineitely start talking to the
Debian/Fedora people over the next few weeks to see what we can do in
this direction.

> I'm sure that server space can be arranged - we can poke the server
> admins on #evergreen to lobby for an account for you on one of the
> machines.
Thanks, that's sorted now. I've uploaded an iso[4]. The linux account
is opensrf/opensrf and the evergreen account is admin/livecd. I've
been mostly testing it using unetbootin[5] to load it onto a usb
stick. Ultimately, I hope for it to fit onto a single CD, but atm I
still have another 18MB to shave off before it does.



On 8/17/2011 9:42 PM, Jesse Ephraim wrote:
> Someone asked this a couple of years ago:
> "I've noticed that some other open source systems (particularly the various flavors of Asterisk) have released a self-install ISO file for some of their systems -- similar to the VMWare file, but for an install on a blank machine.  Has anyone on this list created such a thing?"
> Has anyone created one in the interim?
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