[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] [OpenILS-feedback] Please look into my problem cant seem to install

Jason Etheridge jason at esilibrary.com
Thu Aug 18 00:55:29 EDT 2011

> Q 1. First error I encounter is memcached does not start saying it is
> disabled  and have to enable it through editing a file          #
> /etc/default/memcached
> Why is it not in documentation ????

In the instructions for installing OpenSRF, it lists
/etc/init.d/memcached start as the way to start memcached

> Q 2. Next error that I encounter is when I start installing Evergreen it
> requires Postgres Server I Install it by following command  which gives
> error

What's the actual error?

> Q 3. I follow all on screen instruction using required logins and paths and
> end up on command
>         #./autogen.sh -c /openils/conf/opensrf_core.xml –u
> Exception: OpenSRF::EX::Session 2011-08-17T03:49:39
> OpenSRF::Utils::SettingsClient
> /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/OpenSRF/Utils/SettingsClient.pm:103 Session
> Error: router at private.localhost/opensrf.settings IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE

At this point, I would stop all services (/openils/bin/osrf_ctl.sh -l
-a stop_all), and clear out the logs (mkdir /openils/var/log/old/ ; mv
/openils/var/log/* old/).  Then I would start the router and grep the
logs (/openils/bin/osrf_ctl.sh -l -a start_router ; sleep 10 ; grep
\\[ERR /openils/var/log/*.log).  If any errors show up with that grep,
stop there and share with us.  Otherwise, start the perl services next
and grep the logs (/openils/bin/osrf_ctl.sh -l -a start_perl ; sleep
20 ; grep \\[ERR /openil/s/var/log/*.log).  Any errors, stop and
report here.  Otherwise, start the c services and check the logs
(/openils/bin/osrf_ctl.sh -l -a start_c ; sleep 10 ; grep \\[ERR
/openils/var/log/*.log).  Any errors.. you get the idea.  Then run
autogen (/openils/bin/autogen.sh -c /openils/conf/opensrf_core.xml
-u).  If there are errors at this point but not any in the logs prior
to this, then I'm not sure what is going on, and I'd be tempted to
raise the loglevel's in opensrf_core.xml and try again.  If you get
autogen to run without errors, then restart apache.  Then test with
srfsh, etc.

>I am stuck with this installation from last 10 days have installed couple of times and asked for help from this forums.

You'll have to bear with us; we're all volunteers when we help folks
on this list, and sometimes folks are busier than usual, or emails get
overlooked in the deluge of mail in our inboxes.

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