[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] ***SPAM*** Problems and questions - importing data with ESI Migration Tools

Václav Jansa vaclav.jansa at techlib.cz
Thu Aug 18 10:00:52 EDT 2011

  Hi all,

Currently we are trying to import (bibliographic) data from an outdated 
library system to Evergreen 2.0 (or the latest version available). We 
have about 16,000 bibliographic records. These have been converted from 
UNIMARC to MARCXML using scripts preperad by a programmer (a friend of 
ours ;-) ). The converted data are not a hundred percent correct – e.g., 
we are aware about errors in leader and 008 field and will clean it up 

At this moment we have 24 new bibliographic records (including holdidngs 
data) in our Evergreen database. The system is already almost configured 
as desired. So now we need to import those 16,000 or so records to 
Evergreen (and renumber them).

We have tried the following command:
marc_cleanup -m jabok_stage2_cista.xml --fullauto -o clean.marc.xml -rf 
25 -ot 001

.. and a number of other combinations when it comes to parameters of 
this command. But so far none of the clean.marc.xml files created did 
contain renumbered IDs. The file old2new.map has been created as expected.

We have managed to insert data into the empty database using Evergreen 
2.0 official documentation (and step 10 and the following ones) and the 

marc2bre.pl --db_user evergreen --db_host localhost --db_pw XXX 
--db_name evergreen --idfield 001 --marctype=XML -f clean.marc.xml 
--used_tcn_file=used_tcns > evergreen_bre_import_file.bre

In this case the original system numbers have been preserved (only the 
first three letters „KPS“ at the beginning of the system numbers were 

How should we proceed so that we can import data with renumbered IDs? So 
far we have only come up with the idea to use a home-made script which 
would replace KPS# with the number taken from old2new.map in 001 field 
(which is far from ideal of course).

Both the input and output data are available at

Thank you in advance for your help!

Vaclav Jansa and Linda Jansova

Ing. Václav Jansa,
IT Administrator
National Technical Library
Technicka 6
160 80 Praha 6 - Dejvice
Czech Republic
+420 232 002 486

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