[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] ***SPAM*** Re: SOLVED Problems and questions - importing data with ESI Migration Tools

Václav Jansa vaclav.jansa at techlib.cz
Mon Aug 22 00:55:34 EDT 2011

  Hi all,
after cleaning MARCXML records (field 008 in particular) marc_cleanup 
fine worked (renumbering works).

Thanks for this utility.


Dne 18.8.2011 16:00, Václav Jansa napsal(a):

>  Hi all,
> Currently we are trying to import (bibliographic) data from an
> outdated library system to Evergreen 2.0 (or the latest version
> available). We have about 16,000 bibliographic records. These have
> been converted from UNIMARC to MARCXML using scripts preperad by a
> programmer (a friend of ours ;-) ). The converted data are not a
> hundred percent correct – e.g., we are aware about errors in leader
> and 008 field and will clean it up somehow.


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