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Tue Aug 23 12:00:24 EDT 2011

I had a couple of questions about this.  First, the MFHD seems to only
display when a given library is selected to scope the PAC to a search.  For
instance, if I search all of C/W MARS for time magazine I don't see any
MFHDs but if I search just Worcester Public, I see their MFHDs.  Is it
designed this way? (We are currently running Evergreen 2.0 Beta when looking
at this.)

I was also wondering if anyone has looked much at how MFHD's display in the
OPAC?  Given my above question, I do not necessarily want all MFHD's to
display because in our consortium, that could also make for some very ugly
serials displays in the PAC (think of 150+ MFHDs on a record like Time

Right now, this display is also looking at the default skin and not the
Template Toolkit.


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