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We tell our libraries not to use the option to create bibs and items during
the upload.


In theory, if they work from the uploaded PO/Selection list, each lineitem
has a "link to catalog" link that searches the catalog (by ISBN, not UPC
unfortunately), and allows the librarian to manually match and link the acq
bib to the one in the catalog. Once they do that, they can use Actions/Load
Bibs and Items on the selection list or purchase order, and their on order
items would appear in the catalog, attached to the full bib record.


However, we're having problems with Title Source records and linking. I
filed a bug report some time ago. The search is hanging or failing to
retrieve the matching bib, so the libraries end up creating duplicate bibs
when they use the Action/Load bibs and items command, or create bibs/items
when moving from a selection list to a purchase order. (Oddly, the linking
seems to work with Ingram's iPage bib records.)


So our office spends every day, all day long, working with these duplicates
and manually merging them with the catalog records. That bug can't get fixed
fast enough to suit me.


Here's a link to my bug report.
https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/810081. It would be great if you'd
raise the threat level on it!





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We were wondering about how others are dealing with this in acquisitions.
It has been my assumption that when provider order records are loaded into
Evergreen via "Load MARC Order Records" via the acquisitions menu that there
is no record matching done.  Therefore, if a library orders "A Tale of Two
Cities" and we already have the correct bib record from OCLC that the record
from the vendor will not match and instead create a duplicate bib record
rather than attach a copy to the OCLC record with a status of "on order."
If this is correct, what are libraries doing who use Evergreen acquisitions
to clean up the duplicate bib records?


I have not really been able to test but I have assumed it works this way
because the MARC Federated Search will load duplicate bib records and
appears to have no record matching capability.



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