[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen staff client on Ubuntu 12.04

Jason Stephenson jstephenson at mvlc.org
Mon Jul 2 12:01:10 EDT 2012

Quoting "Howell, Lynda" <Lynda.Howell at myunion.edu>:

> I'm new to Evergreen, testing it out as a possible replacement for  
> our current ILS.  I'm trying to get Evergreen 2.2 installed on a  
> stand-alone PC running Ubuntu 12.04, and have run into a problem  
> running the staff client.
> The staff client requires XULRunner, which isn't available from the  
> official Ubuntu 12.04 repositories.  I tried downloading XULRunner  
> 3.6.28 from Mozilla and following the installation instructions at  
> https://developer.mozilla.org/en/XULRunner_1.9.2_Release_Notes#Linux, but  
> when I get to the step of registering XULRunner, I get the same  
> "xulrunner: command not found" message I'm trying to install it to  
> fix.  I'm not familiar enough with Ubuntu to know what I'm doing  
> wrong or what to try next.

You need to add wherever you put xulrunner to your executable path or  
specify the full path to xulrunner. If you followed the Mozilla advice  
of installing it in /opt/xulrunner/1.9.2/ then you'll need to do  
something like:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/xulrunner/1.9.2/xulrunner

on the command line. To make that permanent add it to the bottom of  
your .profile or .bash_profile.

If you are installing Evergreen from the source code, you can build  
your own XulRunner client as part of the Evergreen build process.  
After doing the make install step to build Evergreen on the server,  
you can do the following:

cd Open-ILS/xul/staff_client
make rigrelease
make rebuild
make updates-client

The above will build both a windows and Linux client for you.

The clients will be available for download on your Evergreen server at:


Where you replace "your.server.tld" with whatever you use to connect  
to your server. You will want to download and install the Linux  
bundle. It works for me on Ubuntu 12.04.

> I've found several references in older Evergreen documentation to  
> XULRunner being installed by default with Firefox, but I think  
> that's on earlier versions of Ubuntu.  I'm running Firefox 13.0.1.

You are probably thinking of using the firefox --app trick. It would  
work, except that current Evergreen clients will not work with FireFox  
later than 3.6. To use it with more recent versions of  
XulRunner/FireFox, you will need to build Evergreen with the  
new_xulrunner branch applied.

> Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks a lot.
> Lynda Howell.
> --------------------------------
> Lynda Howell, Systems Librarian
> Union Institute & University
> 62 Ridge Street, Suite 2
> Montpelier, Vermont 05602
> (888) 828-8557 ext. 8747
> library.admin at myunion.edu

Jason Stephenson
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Merrimack Valley Library Consortium
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