[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Help on Circ. Matrix Weights if you can....

Thomas Berezansky tsbere at mvlc.org
Mon Jul 9 09:25:06 EDT 2012

The weights are associated with org units based on the weights  
association table.

The circulating library is the org unit for circ weights, I believe a  
global flag determines if the copy owning or circ library is the org  
unit for hold weights.

Thomas Berezansky
Merrimack Valley Library Consortium

Quoting Tony Bandy <tonyb at ohionet.org>:

> Hi all,
> Working with one of our libraries on getting things to circulate properly,
> and I'm needing some background information on the Circ. Matrix Weights
> table--can you help?
> Specifically, my weights table has three lines:
> Default
> Org_Unit_First
> Item_Owner_First
> All_Equal
> Since all of these lines assign different numerical values to each of the
> categories, how or when is each applied?  That is, which line of the 4
> above is applied when configuring the weights on a checkout?
> All the documentation I can find talks generically about the weights but
> does not specifically say when or how each line is applied.
> Any ideas you can help with will be most appreciated.....
> Thanks,
> Tony
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