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I think you might be confusing two different things: making electronic
resources findable in the catalogue and the difference between an ILS and
an ERMS.

You can load MARC records that represent an electronic database, an ebook
title, a physical object, or whatever. Cataloguers can catalogue most
things. I think there are even MARC records that represent a set of bobble
head dolls. The ILS doesn't matter, you can load a MARC record for Academic
Search Premier into Polaris or into Evergreen.

An ILS and ERMS are different types of systems, designed to do different

   - ILS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_library_system (mostly
   tracks the physical collection)
   - ERMS:
   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Resource_Management_System (mostly
   for electronic or online collections). An example of an open source ERMS is
   CUFTS: http://researcher.sfu.ca/cufts

I've heard some folks say that the proprietary ILS market has shifted and
for many vendors the ILS is mostly cheap giveway where the vendor is
charging heftier fees is with the ERMS and discovery layer that might
integrate really well with the ILS,

ERMS are pretty common for academic libraries (who need to track where you
can get the full text of an article) and seem much less common in public

It might be better to reply to the list so we can build on each other's
responses and so that this information is archived for the next person who
has a similar question.

Hope this helps,

On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 6:37 AM, McPeck, Tracy L. <TMcPeck at pwcgov.org> wrote:

> Hello- ****
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> I am conducting a case study between a proprietary ILS (Polaris) and an
> open source ILS (Evergreen) regarding electronic resource management in the
> public library. I’d like to know if any Evergreen public libraries use
> Evergreen (including add-ons) to manage database subscriptions and
> findability for patrons.  I plan to compare the two systems and their roles
> in managing electronic resources.  I am finding that public libraries will
> often make their eBooks and eAudiobooks findable in the ILS, but patrons
> must access the electronic databases separately to discover the library’s
> electronic journal holdings. I am hoping to find examples of public
> libraries that use their ILS and associated add-ons to make electronic
> journals holdings searchable in the catalog. Please email me at
> tmcpeck at pwcgov.org or tlmcpeck at yahoo.com if you can help. ****
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> Thanks in advance-****
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