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Donald Butterworth don.butterworth at asburyseminary.edu
Tue Oct 2 06:45:43 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,

After years of wanting to experiment with Evergreen our IT dept has loaded
2.3 on a local server. True it's on a 7 year old Omnitech, with almost no
memory, that sits under the desk of our IT director on the other side of
campus. But, hey, it's *something*; and there is the promise of more to
follow once he's finished with a dSpace upgrade. I have a dream that two
years from now our current system with become a memory. Time will tell.

So ... now ... where do we start? We've downloaded the manual from the
website, but what I really need is the "Idiot's Guide to Getting Evergreen
Up and Running". The contents would look something like:

Welcome to Evergreen
Go here, do this. Then go here, and do that.

You get the idea. Is there a document like this available anywhere? What
would be *exceedingly* helpful would be a Video Version of the Idiot's
Guide. It would be so much easier for some of us to watch how to get things
started. For example, it would help us greenhorn users avoid staring at the
screen for 30 minutes searching for the admin drop-down menu, which is on
the *top right* of the screen. Any chance that someone has made a try at

Of course, much of Evergreen is quite intuitive for people who are used to
using an ILS. We were able to import a file of bib records without a crash
on our first try. But there are three things that we particularly need help
with at this point. What tag is used in a bib record to supply item data so
that when a bib record enters the system it automatically generates an item
record? And, what tag is used in a bib record to supply order data, so that
PO lines can be populated automatically? Where does one go to define the
subfields for these tags?

Thanks for your insights.


Don Butterworth
Faculty Associate / Librarian III
B.L. Fisher Library
Asbury Theological Seminary
(859) 858-2227
don.butterworth at asburyseminary.edu
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