[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Table colors on new TPAC?

Galen Charlton gmc at esilibrary.com
Tue Oct 30 17:13:04 EDT 2012


On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 1:00 PM, Tony Bandy <tonyb at ohionet.org> wrote:
> 1.  Altering table cell colors from gray to another color.

As we had discussed separately but which I'm mentioning here for the
benefit of others, the top cell border color you're referring to
between items in a search result list is set by the accent_lighter2
variable in colors.tt2.

> 2.  Positioning of the top page and results to centered (like King County
> has theirs).

KCLS uses a fixed-width layout, unlike the stock TPac skin, but if you
want a layout that's based on a big, centered div, you can customize
opac/parts/base.tt2 to contain a wrapping div, e.g., change the bit
after the body element to look something like this:

<div id="all-wrapper" style="margin:auto; width:950px">
  [% content %]
  [% INCLUDE '/opac/parts/footer.tt2' %]

One thing to note is that a bit more would be needed to have this work
for all browers, including older versions of IE.  There are tutorials
[1] that explain why.

Finally, rather than changing base.tt2, you can accomplish this using
just CSS by setting margin: auto and a width for the top-level divs
immediately under the body element, including #header-wrap,
#gold-links-holder, the search form, #content-wrapper, and

[1] http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/topic/2473-tutorial-how-to-center-a-site-using-css/


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