[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Claims Returned / Void Bill Glitch

Scott Thomas scott at albright.org
Tue May 7 12:55:12 EDT 2013

  We are at 2.1 and discovered a glitch. We are wondering if it has been fixed in subsequent versions. Here is the sequence:

1.      Patron reports an overdue item claims returned and we mark it claims returned in Evergreen. The item moves to the Lost , Claimed Returned... window at the bottom.

2.      We go to the Bills tab in the patron record and void the bill associated with the Claims Returned transaction.

3.      We close the patron's record and reopen the patron's record resulting in a refresh.

4.      The item has disappeared completely from the patron's record, but if you call it up the item in Item Status it still appears as checked out to the patron.

5.      When you go to Check In the item, the check in process proceeds normally.

It is appears to be a display issue, but it is one that has caused staff confusion at the Circulation Desk and some customer consternation.

Does anyone know if this has been fixed in newer versions?

Thank you,

Scott  Thomas
Board of Directors
(570) 207-2379
[cid:image001.jpg at 01CE4B1F.EB5AF840]<http://www.palibrary.org/pails/>
Pennsylvania's Statewide Library System

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