[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] No Matchpoint error on checkout 2.3.5

Ben Shum bshum at biblio.org
Thu May 23 10:38:14 EDT 2013

For those following along.... this ended up being an issue with the way
rules were being applied to the specific circulation scenario.  The max
fine rate value was missing from the library-specific rules and the
system responded by trying to look for another rule higher up in the
consortium via fallthrough to inherit the entry for it.  Unfortunately,
there wasn't any rule higher up to inherit from, so it complained about
not finding a matchpoint when trying to checkout the material.

Presumably, I suppose this means that either at the library specific
rule (or higher up in the org tree), there must be enough information to
eventually generate a complete circulation entry.  At minimum, you need
to include circulate, duration, recurring fine rate, and max fine.

Hope this helps in case anyone encounters issues in the future.

-- Ben

On 05/22/2013 03:38 PM, Geoff Sams wrote:
> That's what is really strange here, all of our policies are open ended.  Library X at library <blank>, for all users.
> Only for very specific details do we set that specific of a rule.  There are a set of rules for each libraries that have been working at all locations until this most recent addition.
> Thanks,
> Geoff Sams
> Roanoke Public Library
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> Quoting Geoff Sams <GSams at roanoketexas.com>:
>> I'm in the process of getting a library up and running in our system.  
>> They are in the system with policies in place and patrons being added 
>> and have recently received some transit items from other libraries to 
>> checkout to their patrons.
>> The only problem is that when they do check the item out, they receive 
>> the error "no matchpoint" and nothing else.  It appears that their own 
>> items checkout just fine, but outside items are the only ones throwing 
>> this exception.  Can anyone point me in the right direction for 
>> troubleshooting this?
> It sound to me like your matchpoints for circulation are too specific.  
> You probably have matchpoints for library X items at library X and library Y items at library Y, but not library Y items at library X or vice versa.
> You'll need to find out whose rules should apply and add or modify the appropriate entries.
> You'll find these in the staff client from the Admin Menu => Local Administration => Circulation Policies.
>> Thanks,
>> Geoff Sams
>> Roanoke Public Library
>> 817-491-2691
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> Jason Stephenson
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