[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Fwd: Opinions needed on copying patron data to the clipboard

Kate Butler KateButler at rodgerslibrary.org
Thu Nov 7 09:49:00 EST 2013

> >Second, when most people see an underlined link, they are not at all
> >likely to expect that clicking on the link will copy the value because
> >that is a very unusual thing for clicking on a link to do.
> This, thousand times.
> There should be more consistency with the UI in staff client - currently
> clicking on a blue underlined "link"
> can do several things: copy the text to the clipboard, pop up a menu, or go to
> a new UI.

This encapsulates the issue perfectly. If it looks like a link, it should behave the way we expect a link to behave (open something new).   Coming up with some different way to visually identify "click = copy to clipboard" would be fine, as long as it's then applied consistently across the staff client.   Especially if the ultimate goal is to move to a web-based interface, eliminating ambiguities like that should be considered during the move/redesign.

Kate Butler
Technology Librarian
Rodgers Memorial Library (Hudson, NH)

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