[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] 2.5.0 Released [RM2.5]

Dan Wells dbw2 at calvin.edu
Mon Nov 11 11:54:44 EST 2013

Hello all,

I am happy and relieved to announce the first general release of Evergreen 2.5, version 2.5.0.  As usual for full releases, you may check out the Changelog, read the release notes, or download the installation files here:


I also want to publicly thank both Melissa Ceraso and Steve Callender for testing the final release tarball, which enabled us to proceed with the release with some extra confidence.

Please note that the 2.5.0 release is also the first step in ending support for the 2.3 release line.  Evergreen end-of-life policy states that 2.3 will receive three months of only security updates following the release of 2.5.  I expect more details about the final planned version of 2.3 will be announced soon, so this is just an advance notice.

Looking over changes made since the release candidate was cut, we were able to make good use of the three weeks of 2.5-rc.  We identified and fixed a handful of high to critical issues, along with a few smaller fixes and tweaks.  You can see more details of those fixes here:


I also want to highlight an open bug which did not get integrated into 2.5.0, but which may affect users on newer Linux distributions:


If you have a very recent version of Encode.pm, this issue will affect you, and will be very obvious, as you will (at a minimum) not be able to add or save any bib records.  There is a working branch on that bug, so please check it out and give feedback if you are able.  The changes touch some fundamental functions, so I think it makes sense to be deliberate when evaluating these possible fixes, but we also want to get ahead of the Encode.pm updates as they filter into the mainstream.

Finally, thanks again to everyone who contributed and tested the ideas and code which make up Evergreen 2.5.  It has been exciting to see it all come together.


Daniel Wells
Library Programmer/Analyst
Hekman Library, Calvin College

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