[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] transferring reports to another user

Tina Ji (Project Sitka) tji at sitka.bclibraries.ca
Fri Jan 3 13:24:13 EST 2014

Hi Jason,

Good to know it's possible to transfer reports ownership out on  
account deletion on the client.

One question: "Completely OBLITERATE this patron account,
including bills, payments, bookbags, etc?  This is IRREVERSIBLE.".

Circulation records are not mentioned. Will they be deleted, too? (I  
know they used to be deleted before 2.4. So we disabled Delete Patron  
Account on our staff client. We want to keep circ records for stats  


Quoting Jason Etheridge <jason at esilibrary.com>:

>> I am the Evergreen administrator for our library, and as such, I create and
>> use reports. I am retiring at the end of the year and being replaced by
>> another administrator. How do I transfer/copy the reports I have created
>> over the past few years, to the new administrator's account?
> James, the general strategy would be to delete your original account
> in the staff client while using a different account, and have it
> prompt you to relocate various bits like reports to a new user.  There
> are three conditions your old account will have to meet for this to
> work.
> 1) You'll need the STAFF_LOGIN permission to be granted to the old
> account.  Some admin accounts make due with the EVERYTHING permission,
> but the staff client looks for STAFF_LOGIN to determine whether the
> account being deleted is a staff account or not.
> 2) Related, the account will need at least one Working Location
> configured for the permission to work.
> 3) You'll need to make sure the super_user flag on the user is set to
> false.  This can't be done within the staff client (well, you can
> check but not change via Reporting, but ignoring that...), but can be
> done the database:  psql> UPDATE actor.usr SET super_user = false
> WHERE usrname = 'admin'; -- for example
> You don't need to set super_user for your replacement.  Some of us
> want to remove that flag completely from Evergreen, and solely rely on
> the regular permission mechanism.
> It'll also help but is not strictly necessary for all of the accounts
> transactions to be closed (items returned and fines paid) on the old
> admin account.
> So assuming all of that is squared away, you login as a different
> admin user, retrieve the original admin account, and select Other ->
> Delete Patron Account.
> You'll get a prompt saying "Completely OBLITERATE this patron account,
> including bills, payments, bookbags, etc?  This is IRREVERSIBLE.".
> There's a checkbox you have to select prior to using the Delete
> Account button on the prompt.
> The next prompt will say "The user you're attempting to delete has
> STAFF_LOGIN priviledges.  Please enter the barcode for a destination
> user to receive the deleted user's miscellaneous staff artifacts
> (reports, etc.):"
> <ah, there's a typo there, har, need to fix that>
> And here you enter the barcode (not the username) for the new account.
>  The process will abort if it can't find the user, so no worries.
> After deleting the user, the screen will attempt to refresh and an
> outstanding bug will throw a harmless ACTOR_NOT_FOUND alert.  The user
> still technically has an entry in the database, but all links to it
> have been broken and identifying data has been replaced.  For fun,
> select Circulate -> Retrieve Last Patron to see what this looks like.
> And that's it.  Hope it helps, and Merry Christmas. :-)
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