[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Fund list in "random" order

Holly Brennan haderhold at ci.homer.ak.us
Fri Jan 3 19:29:31 EST 2014

I have a question about something in the Acquisitions module, which I do not use. I'll do my best!

What she's trying to do: My director is creating a brief record for a purchase order.

What's just not right: The drop-down menu for Fund has two problems.

1)      The Fund items are in "random" order (though from researching bug reports I believe they are sorted by database ID)

2)      The previous fiscal year Fund list is also showing, and they are all listed before the 2014 funds.

The closest things I could find on Launchpad are Bug #802700 from 2011, and its duplicate Bug #927851 from 2012. Unfortunately neither of these has an estimated fix date or version number. And neither is ranked high in importance.

I have two questions.

-          Has this problem been fixed in a later version? We're currently running 2.3.4, which is what we launched with.

-          Is there a way for last year's funds to be hidden from this list? Most line items for 2013 have a zero balance, so they are just in the way.

Kathy Lussier, I'm expecting you have something to say about this!



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