[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Age overdue circs to lost

Holly Brennan haderhold at ci.homer.ak.us
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Hi Deana -

We have ours set up so that after 6 weeks of an item being overdue the status changes to Lost. The item cost and a processing fee are then automatically added to the patron's account, and we have a separate action set up to print a notice that we mail to the patron. It works great, and just like it did with our former ILS.

I will leave the nitty gritty details of how our hooks/reactors/validators are set up, but once you have an idea of what you want to happen, and in what time frame, someone much more knowledgeable can probably help with your setup (We had Equinox do ours).

I think the sky's the limit for these settings!


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I have been tasked with finding out what happens when overdue items are aged to lost in Evergreen, and if there are settings to control this process. I am aware of the Action/Trigger (notifications), although haven't yet explored all the possibilities available through that interface. We are currently running 2.3.2, but I believe our IT department is looking at moving us up to 2.4 sometime in the next month.

As always - thanks!


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