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Galen Charlton gmc at esilibrary.com
Wed Jan 22 13:08:31 EST 2014


On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 8:39 AM, James Keenan <jkeenan at cwmars.org> wrote:
> I get reports of things being wrong with the Evergreen OPAC that are actually individual browser problems. The latest is with Chrome where, depending on whether or not there's a Shockwave plugin conflict, the dropdown for choosing a search library won't let you scroll through the choices.
> Naturally, this can be frustrating for OPAC users but it's not really an Evergreen problem.

Nonetheless, if you can characterize the issue reasonably precisely,
it might also be suitable for a bug report in Launchpad.  It's not
likely an Evergreen bug per se, but somebody who encounters the
problem and starts off thinking it's an issue with Evergreen might
think to search the bugs database.

Also, with enough eyes on it, a developer might come up with a patch
for Evergreen to work around the issue.  I won't guarantee that they
may not be gritting their teeth during the process, however. ;)


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