[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Proposed change in Vendor Listing Policy

Sharp, Chris csharp at georgialibraries.org
Mon Sep 8 13:18:27 EDT 2014

Thanks again, Rogan, for the continued discussion on this.  I'm glad we're able to air our respective opinions.

> There was some discussion during the meeting about it being suggested
> versus required. To me those elements that make it more user
> friendly should be required or we start diluting the purpose. 

Ah, here is where I think we're disagreeing.  From my perspective, the purpose of the vendor page is to provide a simple directory that gives our project's end users pointers toward potential vendors for support.  What happens after the user sees these listings is beyond the scope of that purpose, as I see things.  I think our responsibility from the Evergreen community side ends at making sure to the best of our ability that the listings *on the page itself* are up-to-date and accurate.  I see a clear dividing line between that responsibility and the responsibility of the vendors to keep their web pages up to date.  I'm not generally for laissez faire policies, but in this case, it seems that vendors will do what's best to communicate their services to users without us needing to add requirements to do so.

Having said that, I'm satisfied that I've been heard and I'll be quiet now and let community consensus decide whether or not this requirement becomes part of our vendor listing policy.

Thanks for hearing me out,


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