[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Proposed change in Vendor Listing Policy

Rogan Hamby rogan.hamby at yclibrary.net
Mon Sep 8 13:28:18 EDT 2014

No, I thank you for bringing up those points and I think you're right we do
seem to have a slightly differently view of the intent and so these
discussions are good to have.  I hope we will hear from more folks!

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 1:18 PM, Sharp, Chris <csharp at georgialibraries.org>

> Thanks again, Rogan, for the continued discussion on this.  I'm glad we're
> able to air our respective opinions.
> > There was some discussion during the meeting about it being suggested
> > versus required. To me those elements that make it more user
> > friendly should be required or we start diluting the purpose.
> Ah, here is where I think we're disagreeing.  From my perspective, the
> purpose of the vendor page is to provide a simple directory that gives our
> project's end users pointers toward potential vendors for support.  What
> happens after the user sees these listings is beyond the scope of that
> purpose, as I see things.  I think our responsibility from the Evergreen
> community side ends at making sure to the best of our ability that the
> listings *on the page itself* are up-to-date and accurate.  I see a clear
> dividing line between that responsibility and the responsibility of the
> vendors to keep their web pages up to date.  I'm not generally for laissez
> faire policies, but in this case, it seems that vendors will do what's best
> to communicate their services to users without us needing to add
> requirements to do so.
> Having said that, I'm satisfied that I've been heard and I'll be quiet now
> and let community consensus decide whether or not this requirement becomes
> part of our vendor listing policy.
> Thanks for hearing me out,
> Chris
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