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Hi Jim,

We haven't done any formal usability testing, but I've started informally going through each of the screens with a small working group of volunteers from our libraries to get their initial impressions and feedback - you can see their comments to date at: http://pines.georgialibraries.org/working-groups-opac2014

My plan is to pinpoint areas to customize for our local implementation, and to develop a wishlist of possible development changes that might be of broader interest to the community.

I'm interested in finding out how you and other libraries are approaching this as well.

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Hi All, 

Here at C/W MARS, we’ve been talking about doing usability testing for the OPAC for a while but haven’t gotten farther than recruiting a few libraries who might want to participate. 

Is anyone interested in developing a standard set of test actions that we might all use? Has that been done somewhere already? 

I’m interested to hear if anyone else has done anything in this line. 


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