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Hey Scott,

Basically circulation/hold policies are applied at the circulating library.
If your library does not have a holds limit then your patrons are free to
place as many holds as they wish, both at your library and other libraries
in you resource sharing situation. Same with checkout. I am not sure it
there is an option to change this in evergreen or not. Our library is in a
consortium of 13 other libraries and in the beginning decided to let each
others polices dictate checkout limits instead.

I am a bit confused though. If the Circulation library and the Owning
library are the same then are we not talking about one library.


On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 11:43 AM, scott.thomas at sparkpa.org <
scott.thomas at sparkpa.org> wrote:

> I have a question about Circulation Limit Sets. I know the policy is
> applied to the Owning Library, but I was wondering how it would work in a
> resource sharing situation. Say Library X has a Circulation Limit of 5 DVDs
> and Library Y has no circulation limits at all. A patron at Library Y
> places a hold on seven DVDs that are fulfilled by Library X and sent to
> Library Y for pickup. Is the patron at Library Y prevented from checking
> out DVD’s 6 and 7 or are Library X’s limits not in force at Library Y even
> though Library X owns the items? Conversely, if a patron at Library X tries
> to check out twelve of Library Y’s DVDs, will they be able to? Let’s
> assume, for the sake of simplicity, that the Circulation Library and the
> Owning Library are the same in all of these items.
> Thank you in advance for helping me with this.
> Scott
> Scott Thomas
> Executive Director
> (717) 873-9461
> scott.thomas at sparkpa.org
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