[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] All permission groups deleted?

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 Very interesting!     And completely confusing.     What I think you are saying is that it is possible to delete the GROUP, but meanwhile all the actual permissions are still in the system?

  When evergreen was started, it has two main permission groups.    Patrons and Users.    Our patrons group is still there, but the whole group of Users is gone and as far as I can tell, so are the actual permission profiles that were under that group.    Cataloger, Catalog Administrator, Circulation Administrator, Systems Administrator, etc.    

 It would seem to me that what you are saying makes sense, that of course you cannot delete the actual permission profile if there are users attached to that profile.   But is it possible to delete the whole group AND all the permission profiles underneath can go away?



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All the permission assignments are in the database, not the file system.

Taking a very quick look it appears that deleting a group assigned directly to a user should fail due to key constraints, but deleting a group only assigned to users as a secondary mapping (permission.usr_grp_map table) would be possible.

Thus, in addition to getting your missing rows out of the permission.grp_tree table you would need to get the missing permission.grp_perm_map entries and permission.usr_grp_map entries.

If your permissions are still working, though, I would instead assume that something happened to make them not show up where you expect them. Have you checked at the database level to see that they are, in fact, gone, and it isn't just that permission to touch those groups isn't assigned properly?

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All –


So, what happens when all the staff permission groups are deleted?    How is it that people can still login to the system?   Staff with “cataloger” permissions and “circ” permissions and so forth?   What happens when they try to login with that account?   Does evergreen ‘assign’ them some other type of permission?     Our patron permissions group is fine.   Our staff group got obliterated.  


And how do you get the permissions all back?    We have the server backed up.  Where do these reside and can you copy them back onto the current working server?   File location?  





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