[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] OpenSRF / Evergreen assistance

Jason Stephenson jason at sigio.com
Fri Aug 17 19:19:24 EDT 2018

On 08/17/2018 07:03 PM, JonGeorg SageLibrary wrote:
> I'm simply stating that on this server that was the setting that
> prevented me from continuing in case someone gets the same error.


It would be helpful for you to share the exact errors message on the
list. Otherwise, no one will know if they get the same error.

Plus, the list is archived and eventually indexed by Google, so it will
be helpful also for anyone searching the error message to turn up this

I still don't see how OpenSRF could possibly be working with SCRAM
authentication, but you say it is, so I won't argue the point.


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