[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Logos on Receipt Templates

Geoff Sams GSams at roanoketexas.com
Wed Feb 14 16:53:28 EST 2018

Blake's fix from that chat actually works perfectly for me, other than the giant mess it makes in the template anyway, but beggars can't be choosers and it works.

Just in case others don't want to dig:

Blake recommended converting the image into code that can be inserted in place of the URL in the template.  You can do that automatically with the site he linked here: http://dataurl.net/#dataurlmaker

Upload the image you want to add to your receipt, then copy the text it outputs and paste it in place of where you would normally place the URL for your img tag.  It is a lot of text, and it does make the template a bit unwieldy so I'd recommend sorting the other general layout stuff before adding a logo to your receipt this way.

Geoff Sams
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Hi Geoff,

We had a discussion about this in IRC a couple of months back. I don't know if I ever was able to get it to work because I had to move on to something else, but the discussion is here - http://irc.evergreen-ils.org/evergreen/2017-12-15#i_338518. It's unclear if we ever arrived at an answer in that discussion, but it does give you some things to try.

On 02/14/2018 03:38 PM, Geoff Sams wrote:
Hello all,

After the myriad receipt template related emails I thought I'd jump in with a question that has come up while replicating old receipt templates in the web client.  We had a logo setup in our old templates that printed without issues, but now when we embed that logo it shows up in preview without issue but shows up as an outlined box on the actual printed receipts.  Has anyone else run into similar issues and found a work around?

Geoff Sams
Library Manager
Roanoke Public Library


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