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Here is the final document produced by Lyrasis on the "It Takes a Village"
conference I attended on behalf of the EOB for Open Source projects.


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Subject: It Takes a Village: OSS Sustainability - Guidebook released!
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LYRASIS is proud to announce the release of the Open Source Software
Sustainability Guidebook as the culmination of the “It Takes a Village
<https://www.lyrasis.org/technology/Pages/IMLS-OSS.aspx>” project. The
Guidebook is designed to serve as a practical reference source to help open
source software programs serving cultural and scientific heritage
organizations plan for long-term sustainability. This project was made
possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services - Grant
LG-73-17-0005-17; LYRASIS appreciates their support.

The Guidebook is available at:


You can see upcoming presentations and webinars at:


The press release is available at:


Please help us share the news and distribute the information to your
networks.  Feel free to cc us so we have a sense of where it was
distributed for our grant records.

Thank you for all your contributions to this project!

Laurie Arp and Megan Forbes

It Takes a Village Co-Directors

*Laurie Gemmill Arp*

Director, Collections Services & Community Supported Software

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