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Hi Wendell,

The documentation for 3.2 suggests that Evergreen can do this type of notification, but I have no use case info for you. I would be interested in any that is out there, I think it could be a nice feature to provide to libraries in m consortium if they want to redirect staff time.

Documentation, see section VI page 29:
Integrating Evergreen with Other Tools<https://docs.evergreen-ils.org/reorg/3.2/integrations/Evergreen_Documentation.pdf>
Chapter 2. About Evergreen Evergreen is an open source library automation software designed to meet the needs of the very smallest to the very largest libraries and consortia.

Currently, they all do phone notifications by staff unless email or SMS was selected.


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Hi all,

As we work through the evaluation process, another issue has come up.  On Polaris, we use a separate telephone server with a built in telephony card to make patron phone calls for holds and first overdue notices, though we are considering discontinuing that service.  Currently, our text and email notifications are 10 times the number of phone calls. In that vein, I have a few questions of the community.

1.        How does Evergreen handle such calls. Does it support a telephone server set up? Will it work if we employ a hosted service?

2.       How do Evergreen libraries handle this?  Assuming it does support a server, is it more common to use a server setup or a subscription service, if they exist.

3.       Have any of you considered or actually terminated phone calling?  What was your experience?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Wendell Gragg, MSIS

Automation Services Supervisor

Bryan+College Station Public Library System

Bryan, TX


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