[Evergreen-general] How to refund a deposit

Cerninakova Eva cernin at jabok.cz
Mon Jan 25 13:02:17 EST 2021

Hi all,

I wonder whether there is a possibility to add a negative billing to a
deposit fee that has been previously charged and paid?

We are about to start borrowing tablets in our library, and we want patrons
to pay a small refundable deposit when a tablet is being  checked out and
refund it at check in. I am currently trying to make up checkout and check
in procedures. However, I am not sure how to refund a deposit. When the
item has been checked in, and I try to add a negative bill to a transaction
related to the paid deposit fee in the patron  billing history,
Evergreen displays a warning that the *amount must be greater than or equal
to 0*.
Could this be  caused by a setting in our Evergreen installation? Or is it
a general Evergreen feature?

If the second option is true and adding a bill with a negative amount is
not possible to use in Evergreen to refund a deposit, what procedures do
you use in your libraries to refund a deposit payment?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Mgr. Eva Cerniňáková

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