[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Gentoo VMware image -- almost there....

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Wed Mar 12 16:33:38 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I just downloaded and installed the latest (1.2.0) Evergreen on Gentoo 
VM image for a couple of my people to take a look at.

I set the image up to bridge the NIC on a win2003 server....all is good.
My ifconfig on the Gentoo image shows an IP of (DHCP issued IP)
Followed the directions, started Apache, changed the admin password etc 
etc etc....
I can access the OPAC by browsing to that IP from another machine on my 
(I left the default host name on the VMware image, and added the FQDN 
and IP to my windows workstation HOSTS file, so I can also browse by 
FQDN as well)

However, I seem to have some issues setting up the client correctly.
I seem to be unable to find the final 1_2_0 client so I tried 1_2_0rc4.
No joy.
It sees the server ( or at least the re-test server status and version 
both come back OK) but always returns a network/server failure.
Since I don't have a help desk (thats me...) I thought I'd best post the 
message to the friendly Evergreen admins on this list.....

error reads:

Clearing the message and continuing,  gives me an expired certificate 
warning  a domain name mismatch for host, and ends 
with a lock-up.
I'm guessing this is some sort of network communication/name error 
betwixt my workstation and server.
Both the workstation and the VMware image can ping each other (ip 
address) with no problem.
Workstation can ping server by FQDN.
The server was able to recognize the workstation and I was given the 
option to name it...so I did.

The latest client (Staff Client 3) does pretty much the same 
thing...except I get a auth.session.init network/server error and it 
kicks me back to the client.

Any Ideas where I should start??

-Scott Owen



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