[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Gentoo VMware image -- almost there....

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Mon Mar 24 09:51:26 EDT 2008

Thanks for the response, I have the Gentoo VMware image working fine now.
For some reason (and I will not attempt to guess why) it seemed to not 
play well with Windows server 2003 (for me anyway...).
I installed VMware server on a plain-old Windows XP box, and ran the 
Gentoo image from there.....ta da!....working fine.
I attribute the client/password issue to "general Windows flakiness."

So now......on to the next question.....I should probably search the 
archives and start a new thread...but I'll toss it out here to see if 
it's a common question with a canned-response:

Any how-to's (or ILS for Dummies books?) for installing sample data 
(users and/or MARC records).....???
(please forgive my ignorance on this subject......I'm a tech guy....not 
a book guy....so I need something with small words and lots of pictures)

-Scott Owen
Alma Public Schools

Dan Scott wrote:
> On 12/03/2008, Scott Owen <sowen at edzone.net> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  I just downloaded and installed the latest (1.2.0) Evergreen on Gentoo
>>  VM image for a couple of my people to take a look at.
>>  I set the image up to bridge the NIC on a win2003 server....all is good.
>>  My ifconfig on the Gentoo image shows an IP of (DHCP issued IP)
>>  Followed the directions, started Apache, changed the admin password etc
>>  etc etc....
>>  I can access the OPAC by browsing to that IP from another machine on my
>>  network.
>>  (I left the default host name on the VMware image, and added the FQDN
>>  and IP to my windows workstation HOSTS file, so I can also browse by
>>  FQDN as well)
>>  However, I seem to have some issues setting up the client correctly.
>>  I seem to be unable to find the final 1_2_0 client so I tried 1_2_0rc4.
>>  No joy.
>>  It sees the server ( or at least the re-test server status and version
>>  both come back OK) but always returns a network/server failure.
>>  Since I don't have a help desk (thats me...) I thought I'd best post the
>>  message to the friendly Evergreen admins on this list.....
>>  error reads:
>>  method=open-ils.auth.authenticate.init
>>  params=["admin"]
>>  null
>>  Clearing the message and continuing,  gives me an expired certificate
>>  warning  a domain name mismatch for host, and ends
>>  with a lock-up.
>>  I'm guessing this is some sort of network communication/name error
>>  betwixt my workstation and server.
>>  Both the workstation and the VMware image can ping each other (ip
>>  address) with no problem.
>>  Workstation can ping server by FQDN.
>>  The server was able to recognize the workstation and I was given the
>>  option to name it...so I did.
>>  The latest client (Staff Client 3) does pretty much the same
>>  thing...except I get a auth.session.init network/server error and it
>>  kicks me back to the client.
>>  Any Ideas where I should start??
> Hi Scott:
> A few ideas:
> 1) Can you log into the Evergreen OPAC using the admin username and password?
> 1a) How about from srfsh (change "open-ils" to whatever password you set)?
> # su - opensrf
> $ srfsh
> srfsh# login admin open-ils
> 2) Do you have any useful information from the logs in
> /openils/var/log/, particularly osrfsys.log and router.log?
> 3) If you want to try using the latest staff client, you'll need to
> create symbolic links in /openils/var/web/xul from HEAD to
> rel_1_2_1_4.
> I apologize for the state of the Gentoo VMWare image; at this point,
> it's getting pretty long in the tooth. When Evergreen 1.2.2 gets
> released, I'll make a point of trying to bring the Gentoo VMWare image
> up to date.

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