[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] how to attach note to a copy as it goes out with override?

Melissa Belvadi mbelvadi at upei.ca
Fri Aug 14 10:28:16 EDT 2009

Hi, all.
We have a situation where we want to attach a free-text note to a copy (really to a check-out transaction, but the copy will suffice) when  the staff is needing to override a checkout block (in our particular case, because they're checking out a reference book), such that that note will be seen at the time the item is checked in.
I really don't want the staff dragged through the entire screen for editing the whole copy record in order to do edit the "Alert Message" field, as that sequence introduces chances for some other setting to get changed accidently.
My first thought is that I'd like to add to the "Override Checkout Failure" dialogue box, right below the No/Yes buttons, a text entry box for the "Alert Message" for the copy.
Has anyone already done this?
Or is there some other way to accomplish this goal?

Melissa Belvadi
Emerging Technologies & Metadata Librarian
University of Prince Edward Island
mbelvadi at upei.ca 
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