[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Question about counting circulations

Jason Etheridge jason at esilibrary.com
Tue Dec 1 11:49:45 EST 2009

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 8:34 AM, Lemmer, Catherine
<clemmer at library.in.gov> wrote:
> Similar to Georgia Pines, Indiana Evergreen permits a holder of an Evergreen
> Indiana card to go to any Evergreen library and check out items. If a patron
> from Library A goes to Library B and checks out an item, what is the best
> report to run to make sure the item is picked up in the lending libraries
> circulations?  Or is the circulation picked up in the home library of the
> library A?  How are the circs driven on library unique item prefix or the
> library unique patron prefix?

Okay, here are some of the libraries conceivably involved:

1) patron home lib
2) staff home lib
3) workstation lib (where the circulation took place)
4) item's "circ lib", which is where the item tends to transit to upon
checkin if not being grabbed for a hold
5) item's "owning lib" via the callnumber/volume
6) circulation's "circ lib" field (which will be the same as the
workstation lib)

Any of these things you can get at and count, but I think the simplest
option is 6, and that's likely what most circ reports will be
defaulting to (source: Circulation -> Circulating Library).

In order to get the owning lib, you'd need your reports to look at
something like:

Circulation -> Circulating Item -> Call Number/Volume -> Owning Library

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