[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] strange behavior during record update

Dan Scott denials at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 07:06:51 EST 2009

Hi Tigran:

These are the same problems that I have reported in bug #47
(http://svn.open-ils.org/trac/ILS/ticket/47) - I don't know of any way
around the problem, other than to restart the OpenSRF services every
time you want to edit an existing bibliographic record. Which is, of
course, completely unworkable. Essentially, this makes the 1.4 release
currently unusable.

On the bright side, I did commit a fix for the "Record 1 of 0"
annoyance last night. :-/


2009/3/5 Tigran Zargaryan <tigran at flib.sci.am>:
> Hello Jason,
> we have drooped the database to the initial status, and started the new
> cataloging.
> Here is the picture.
> 1. For the first record we have done full bibl. level description and have
> added the holdings data. This record is being saved and displayed in a
> normal way. After that I have started to do the changes using 'MARC Edit'.
> First time update on the fields for the Author, Title, etc are going normal,
> and the system is saving all the changes.
> 2. When I am starting to update the same fields for the first record second
> time, the system is not saving that changes.
> 3. I am creating another bibl. record (with holding information).
> For this and other records no any changes are being saved, although the
> system is replying that the Changes are saved.
> So I can create the new records without problems. When trying to update the
> field content, the system is not saving the changes.
> Any ideas what to do?
> thanks,
> Tigran
> Jason Etheridge wrote:
>>> Why when I am having more that one Bib. records in my database, my
>>> changes are not being saved?
>> I think Dan noticed the same bug.  Does it seem to make a difference
>> if you have items attached to the records being edited?
>>> I noticed that when viewing the record, on the top left side of the
>>> screen the system is displaying 'Record 1 of 0', which I guess is something
>>> abnormal.(see attached image).
>> This is just a harmless cosmetic bug you can ignore, unrelated to your
>> main issue.
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