[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Spine Label Printers?

OdonLibrarian at aol.com OdonLibrarian at aol.com
Tue Jan 26 15:22:24 EST 2010

I have templates for OpenOffice.org Calc for printing both  material 
barcodes and spine labels on an ordinary printer.  Because we  migrated from 
Winnebago and had leftover spine label stock (6X5 on 8 1/2X11  sheets), that's 
the format I chose for now.  Another library in Indiana has  an Excel template 
for a 5X6 layout (but without the links I use to avoid  retyping data 
already in Evergreen).  
The procedure is fairly simple:  Dump the items needing labels into a  copy 
bucket, pick them up on the clipboard as CSV, and paste into the first page 
 of the spreadsheet.  The second page of the spreadsheet links to the data  
on the first sheet and formats it.  I generally try to do enough at a time  
to avoid running a sheet of 30 labels through the laser printer more than  
twice but that's a fairly simple workflow issue.
Having developed a preference for OpenOffice.org Calc, I haven't tried  the 
templates with Excel but compatibility is generally excellent.   I'll be 
glad to share my template with anyone who is interested.  It would  take some 
time and effort to reformat for a different spine label  layout but would be 
time well invested and save the cost of a non-standard  printer.
Marsha Lynn
Odon Winkelpleck Public  Library
OdonLibrarian at aol.com
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terlaga at biblio.org writes:

Hi  all— 
What is your library system using  to print your spine labels with 
One of our libraries (going live  in March) is looking for a low-cost spine 
label printer recommendation and  we’d like to hear the good (and bad) 
experiences out there  … 
Amy  Terlaga 
Assistant Director, User  Services 
32 Crest  Road 
Middlebury,  CT  06762 
(203)577-4070  x101 
_http://www.biblio.org_ (http://www.biblio.org/)  

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